Cat Food and Nutrition Articles

One type of cat food doesn't fit every cat. All cats are unique and that's why you will find tons of buying guides for different ages, conditions, and different ingredients of cat food right here. Have any other nutritional concerns for your cat? Read our guides to help understand what you need to look for.


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Cat lying on the floor

Best High Calorie Cat Food to Gain Weight and Muscle

Is your cat too skinny or needs to gain some muscle? These high calorie cat foods can help.

Cat with smelly poop sitting in litter box

Best Cat Food for Smelly Poop: 5 Top Food Picks to Try

Cat poop extra smelly? Here are the top 5 picks to try in order to fix this issue.

Senior cat eating soft dry cat food

Top 5 Soft Dry Cat Foods for Senior Cats

Noticing your senior cat is having trouble eating dry cat food? Try these 5 soft cat foods instead.

Cat wanting to eat a high protein low carb diet

Top 5 High Protein Low Carb Cat Foods

Want a high protein low carb diet for your cat? Check out these picks and buyer's guide.

Cat eating sensitive stomach cat food

Best Cat Food for Sensitive Stomach Buying Guide

Sensitive stomach issues? Check out this buying guide to help you find the right food for your cat.

Cat shedding

Best Cat Food for Shedding: Reduce and Control Your Cat's Shedding

Shedding in cats can be a big problem. Here are some cat foods that can help reduce shedding.

Cat suffering from constipation sitting in owner's lap

Best Cat Food to Prevent Constipation

Here are some tips to deal with constipation in cats as well as 5 food choices.

Senior cat lying on the bed

Best Senior Cat Food: Picking Foods for Your Older Cat

Is it time to switch your cat to a senior cat food? Here's what you should look for in your cat's food.

Cat with diarrhea sitting in litter box

Best Cat Food for Diarrhea to Prevent Digestive Issues

Does your cat have digestive issues that cause diarrhea? Here's some tips and food picks to help fight this issue.

Cat eating from Surefeed Microchip Cat Feeder

Top 5 Cat Feeders with Collar Sensors

Need to protect the cat's food from your dog? This is a great way to achieve that.

can cats eat bread

Can Cats Eat Bread?

This article explains the pros and cons of cats eating bread and lists 5 things to consider before giving them bread.