About KittyWire

KittyWire is a free online resource developed for cat owners by cat owners that want to provide the best they can for their cats.

Our mission is to provide cat owners with the right information they need to make a product decision or even answer their questions about cats.

Better quality lives for cats is what we strive to help do.

How We Research Our Articles

To help ensure that we provide cats with the best information available, we have a rigorous research process. This process starts by having a team member (that is already experienced at the subject) diving deep into the topic.

We don't stop there as we read through thousands of product reviews left by cat owners on various websites across the internet. We want to understand everything we can about the products we review (even if we have first hand knowledge about the product).

Important Note: We are NOT veterinarians, we are cat owners. The information we provide on KittyWire is from our own personal experiences and research (lots of research). Do not take what we say as veterinary advice, it is always best to check things with your vet if your cat is showing signs of illness or health issues.

Our Team

Debbie Short

Debbie Short

Debbie is the main Cat Mom and writer for KittyWire. She works hard writing, editing, and researching all the content you see on KittyWire. Debbie is a very proud Cat Mom of 2 cats - Olive and Sophie.