Best Cat Litter Scoops: Popular Picks, Reviews and What to Consider

By Debbie Short     Last Updated January 18, 2022

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Cats are naturally hygienic animals that bury their waste products in a litter box and hate when said litter box gets overly dirty. This means that it falls on you as their caretaker to routinely clean said litter box, so they don't go elsewhere for a clean bathroom, and using the best cat litter scoop can make this entire process quick and easy.

Our Top Picks for the Best Cat Litter Scoops

What is a Cat Litter Scoop?

Cat Litter Scoop

A litter scoop is exactly what it sounds like. It's a small handheld scoop that you use to clean your cat's waste products out of their litter box between thorough cleanings. They come in metal or plastic designs, and you can find them in a variety of sizes.

People like litter scoops because they help them save on litter costs because you can simply scoop out the clumps every day or two and shake off the excess litter before disposing of it. They're relatively easy to clean, and they allow you to scrape the bottom of the litter pan to get anything that may be stuck.

What to Consider When Buying a Litter Scoop

There is a surprising amount of thought that goes into picking out a new litter scoop for your home. Because we want to make sure you pick out the best scoop possible for your needs, we'll give you a few pointers below.


Although you'll most likely stash your litter scoop out of sight, you may want to consider the appearance. Look for things like a brightly colored handle because this will make the scoop more visible when you go to look for it to clean your cat's litter box with.


Although most litter scoops aren't very expensive, it can get expensive if you find yourself replacing them often due to breaking or bending. Set a budget before you begin to shop, and consider paying a little more upfront to help avoid having to spend more money on replacements.


While most plastic scoops won't come with any special coating, metal ones can come with certain types to make cleanup easier. For example, you can find non-stick scoops that help to repel the clumps when you scoop them up, or there are scoops with a water-resistant layer to prevent corrosion.


The litter scoop's handle should be long enough that you don't get by the dirty litter when you clean it because there can be a lot of bacteria in it that you don't want on you. Make sure your handle is longer, ergonomically designed to be comfortable, has plastic or rubber coating, and has a strong attachment point to the scoop.

Hole Size

Larger litter scoops tend to have larger holes, and this can allow smaller clumps to fall through them when you scoop out your litter box. On the other end of the spectrum, smaller holes can clog and cause you to throw away litter. Look for a scoop that is going to have a decent size slat or hole.


You can get plastic or metal for your litter scoop, and both types have benefits and drawbacks associated with them. Generally, a metal scoop will outlast a plastic scoop, but metal is slightly heavier and can cause problems with people who have problems with their hands, wrists, or grip.

Scoop Depth

Ideally, your scoop should be deep enough that you can simply tip it back slightly and it'll hold the larger clumps in your litter box. Take a look at the varying depths and angles because this will dictate how many trips you'll take to the garbage when you clean out the clumps.


Litter scoops come in several different shapes ranging from square to something with more rounded edges and a more tapered design. Whatever shape you choose, make sure that it can easily get into every corner of your litter box with ease, because you don't want to have to turn and try to force the scoop into corners.

Waste Control

Cat litter can get expensive, and you don't want to throw away excess litter because it doesn't come out of your scoop. Find a scoop that matches your litter type, and make sure it allows you to shake most of the excess off before you dump it in the garbage.

Our Top Five Picks for the Best Cat Litter Scoop

1. DuraScoop Jumbo Cat Litter Scoop

Durascoop Jumbo Cat Litter Scoop

This litter scoop comes with durable and lightweight aluminum from the handle to the scoop itself to help guard the scoop against wear and tear. You get an ergonomically balanced design that makes it fast and easy to clean your cat's litter box without putting excess strain on your wrist or on the scoop's handle.

The handle of this litter scoop comes with a molded rubber coating that adds a layer of comfort each time you use it, and it also makes it easy to get a firm grip each time you pick it up. The mirror finish is resistant to wear and tear as well as corrosion, and this ensures that your scoop will last through repeated use without falling apart.

The large scoop head makes it very easy to clean larger or fuller litter boxes without having to make multiple trips or worry that the cat's waste and excess litter will spill all over the floor. Finally, you get several bright colors to choose from that makes it very easy to see this litter scoop.

Cat parents who bought this cat litter scoop liked that it came with an ergonomic design that was durable enough to withstand multiple uses without wearing out or breaking. Cat parents didn't like that this scoop had wider tines because it lets smaller waste products slip through when they cleaned the box.

Things We Liked
  • Comes with a rubber-coated handle for comfort
  • Able to clean large litter boxes with ease
  • Has several different color options
Things We Didn't Like
  • Tines may be too wide for smaller waste
  • May be too heavy for some people
  • Can break up litter more than it picks it up

2. IPRIMIO Cat Litter Scooper with Deep Shovel

IPRIMIO Cat Litter Scooper with Deep Shovel

This scoop is solid aluminum for added durability, and it features a slatted design that catches and traps waste products of all sizes without letting the smaller ones slip through when you clean it. You get a non-stick coating on the scoop that makes it easy to clean it after each use without having to scrap any stuck litter off it.

The wider front edge and a tapered design make it easy to get into all of the corners of your cat's litter box without having to move the box around or try and bend the scoop itself. The handle has a molded plastic portion that adds a layer of comfort when you use it, and it also ensures that you get a good grip on your scoop.

You get a convenient holder for your litter scoop that allows you to mount it right next to your cat's litter box or out of sight without a hassle. You'll get a deep scoop combined with solid sides that ensure you don't accidentally scatter litter around each time you clean your cat's litter box.

People who bought this litter scoop liked that it came equipped with a handle that attached to the wall with 3M tape because it made it easy to store the scoop between uses. They did say that this scoop could be slightly more difficult to clean due to the smaller slates.

Things We Liked
  • Comes with a non-stick coating
  • Features a tapered design for corners
  • Has an all-metal design with a comfortable handle
Things We Didn't Like
  • Smaller slats can be difficult to clean
  • Hanging hook comes made out of plastic
  • Better suited for smaller litter boxes

3. RSVP Endurance Stainless Steel Kitty Litter Scoop

RSVP Endurance Stainless Steel Kitty Litter Scoop

You'll get a 100% stainless steel litter scoop when you purchase this product, and it comes with a longer handle that ensures your hands stay away from the litter and waste products each time you clean your cat's litter box. The scoop is five inches across, and this makes it a good size for both small and large litter boxes.

The handle has a tapered design that is ergonomic with a rounded design that is easy to grip onto and use. You get a slightly rounded edge with this scoop that makes it easy to get under the clumps and scoop them back into the body of the scooper for a mess-free cleanup.

The rounded corners of this scoop make it easy to get into corners when you clean your cat's litter box, and it also features smaller slats that easily pick up both small and large clumps while letting the litter fall through. The sides of the scoop have small holes to allow litter to sift through and fall back into the litter box before you transfer the clumps to the garbage.

People who purchased this litter scoop liked that it came with a 100% stainless steel design that is resistant to wear, tear and corrosion. People didn't like that the edges of the scoop were prone to catching parts of the clumps and breaking them apart.

Things We Liked
  • Features a 100% stainless steel design
  • Has a rounded handle that is ergonomic
  • Comes with smaller slats to catch both large and small clumps
Things We Didn't Like
  • May be too small for larger litter boxes
  • Bottom of the handle can be uncomfortable
  • Holes on the side let litter spill onto the floor

4. Sifter with Deep Shovel Litter Scoop

IPRIMIO Sifter Deep Shovel Litter Scoop

This plastic litter scoop features a deep scoop design that lets you tilt it back when you scoop out clumps to get rid of the majority of the litter before you throw it into the garbage. It also comes with more narrow openings that trap both small and large clumps, and this helps you save litter and money each time you clean your cat box.

The plastic handle has a rounded design with indents for your fingers that make it comfortable to grip and hold onto each time you use it, and you get a thicker base that attaches securely to the scoop itself for added durability. The sides of the scoop are solid plastic to help reduce scatter when you transfer litter from the pan to the garbage.

The front edge features a tapered design that makes it easy to get into corners and clean with, and this makes it a good tool for both large and small litter boxes because it lets you get even stuck clumps up. This scooper comes from an American company to very strict quality control guidelines.

People who bought this item to clean their cat's litter box liked that it featured a tapered design with a wider front that let them get into all of the areas of their cat's litter box. People who bought this item didn't like that it was entirely plastic because it was prone to breaking.

Things We Liked
  • Has a slightly thicker handle
  • Comes with a secure attachment point
  • Good for small and large litter boxes
Things We Didn't Like
  • Might be slightly less durable
  • Prone to bending when it hits clumps
  • Might not work well with multiple cat households

5. CO-Z Solid Aluminum Alloy Cat Litter Scoop

CO-Z Solid Aluminum Alloy Cat Litter Scoop

This litter scoop comes with a non-stick teflon or an aluminum alloy design that is both durable and resistant to wear, tear, and corrosion. It also has a natural waterproof coating that helps with the scoop's longevity, and you'll get a slightly bigger size with this scoop that makes it easier to use.

You get a very narrow lip on the front edge of this scoop that makes it easy to get under clumps before you tilt the scoop back and let it slide into the deeper area until you're ready to empty it. You get a super smooth scoop head that helps to prevent a huge mess when you have a dirty litter box to clean.

The small holes and narrow slats on this scoop ensure that you can pick up both large and small clumps without them falling back through, but they're large enough to let the litter sift back through into the box. You also get a secure attachment point between the handle and the scoop itself for longevity.

People who bought this scoop for their cat's litter box liked that they got three choices when it came to the color and type of litter scoop they wanted to purchase. Cat parents didn't like that this scoop featured small holes that could be more difficult to clean.

Things We Liked
  • Has two different material choices
  • Comes with an ergonomic handle
  • Has a water-resistant coating
Things We Didn't Like
  • Has smaller holes that can be difficult to clean
  • Not large enough for bigger litter boxes
  • Edge can tear clumps apart

What's the Best Cat Litter Scoop?

Our pick for the best litter scoop is the DuraScoop Jumbo Cat Litter Scoop because you get a lightweight but very durable aluminum body and handle, and it has an ergonomically balanced handle that makes it very easy to use without straining your wrist.

We liked that it comes with a mirror finish that makes this scoop resistant to corrosion, wear, or tear, and this gives it a greater longevity. Finally, we picked it because you get solid sides that helps to minimize the mess when you transfer the litter from the box to the garbage.