Why Do Cats Roll in the Dirt?

cat rolling in the dirt

If you’ve ever seen your cat stop, drop, and roll in the middle of a dust pile, you may have been caught off guard. Cats are notoriously clean animals, so rolling around in the dirt may seem to go against everything that cats stand for—yet they seem perfectly willing to indulge the habit every chance…

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Can Cats Swim?

cat wanting to swim in pool

Can cats swim? This is the question that you may find yourself asking if you have a domestic cat because there’s a long history of cats disliking water. If you have a cat, you’re most likely wondering if they can swim, and this is what we’re going to answer for you below.  Can Domesticated Cats…

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How to Prevent Hairballs in Cats: Top 9 Prevention Tips

Cat throwing up hairball on a couch

Hairballs are a problem for every cat owner at one point or another during their cat’s lives, and it’s not necessarily a pleasant experience. If this sounds like you and you’re wondering how to prevent hairballs in cats, this one is for you. We’re going to give you an in-depth look at what hairballs are,…

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8 of the Best Ways to Reduce Cat Shedding

Best Ways to Reduce Cat Shedding

No matter if you have a long or short haired feline, finding ways to reduce cat shedding is usually at the top of every cat parent’s list. The last thing you want is to wear a light layer of cat fur on your clothing, or have cat fur on your furniture or floating through the…

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Is My Cat Too Skinny? How to Check and What to Do

Skinny cat outside on asphalt

Cats come in a variety of sizes ranging from long and lean to short and chunky, but how do you know how skinny is too skinny? When do you start worrying about their weight and asking yourself, “Is my cat too skinny?” We want you to be able to tell if your cat is at…

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How Do I Exercise My Overweight Cat?

Overweight cat laying in chair being lazy

When you think of a cat, your mind normally goes to a very sinewy, lean, muscled, and fast predator that is very light on their feet, active, and quiet. However, obesity is a big problem with cats because you can’t necessarily get them to exercise like you can a dog.  With that in mind, how…

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Why Does My Cat Bite My Nose?

Kitten biting girl's nose

Any cat parent will tell you that we’re passionate about our felines, but we may not be so passionate about some of the behaviors that they see fit to bestow on us. For the most part, kitten bites don’t hurt, but that can change as your cat gets older and starts to bite harder. If…

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Can Cats Have Down Syndrome?

Cat that is grumpy and easily offended

We love our cats, and it’s only natural that we apply the same characteristics and emotions that we feel on a daily basis to our feline companions. But, can cats be born with human conditions like Down Syndrome or Autism, or are these medical conditions strictly limited to a cat’s human counterpart? We’ve gone in-depth…

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