Easy Ways to Clean A Cat Tree With Cleaning Tips

Cat relaxing on cat tree

Maintaining your cat tree and keeping it clean is an essential step for any cat owner to routinely do. For people wondering how to clean a cat tree, we’re going to outline several effective and safe ways you can go about this to keep your cat tree looking like new.  You can break this process…

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How To Stop Your Cat From Climbing Curtains

Cat looking out of window after curtains were removed and blinds were installed

Cats like to climb, and your brand new curtains or drapes look like the excellent climbing feature to your cat. The end result is a happy cat that sits perched on the very top of your curtains, and you get left with a shredded and mangled mess that’s almost impossible to save.  Since this is…

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How to Get Cat Pee Out of Leather (Couch, Purse, Boots, etc.)

Clean cat urine out of leather couch

Leather is expensive, and your cat can ruin it very fast if they pee on it because cat pee is extremely difficult to remove from any fabric. However, your leather furniture or items aren’t necessarily ruined if your cat does decide to go to the bathroom on them, and we’re going to give you several…

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